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COMPETITION ENDS – June 21, 2024 18:00



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About This Competition

💸£100 Main Prize, £300 Euro 24 Jackpot & 24 x £25 Instant Cash Prizes PLUS each Instant win gives you 1 team in the Euro 24 draw💸 You can find multiple teams if you win more than one instant

🏆Each ticket gives you 3 chances to win! These are the Main prize, The Jackpot & Instant wins.

🎫ONLY 1399 Tickets Available 🎫£0.99p per entry with Incredible Super Low Instant Win Odds💯

🏆All cash prizes are paid via direct bank transfer.


All the instant wins give the lucky winner £25 Cash and a Nation in the EURO 24 football tournament. These will be drawn in our special liveshow on our Facebook page and each EURO 24 instant winner will have a team drawn at random and assigned to them. If this team wins the tournament you win the jackpot.

✅If this competition sells out before the specified date we will draw the main prize winner early and this will be notified via our social media sites. The Jackpot Winner will be announced after the EURO 24 championships have ended and a team has won

✅Instant wins are prize draws in which players have the opportunity to win a prize instantly, and still have the chance to win the main prize as well with the same ticket!

✅If you win an Instant win prize you will be notified by email.

✅The main prize winner will be drawn live on Friday 21st June at 7:00pm along with the live draw for all the teams on our Facebook Live Show.

Contact us at info@vantagecompetitions.co.uk to claim your prize.

This competition is open to UK residents aged 18 or over.

You can watch the draw LIVE on our Facebook page, so be sure to follow us to stay up to date with draw times.

For information about free postal entries to this competition, please click here. If entering our competitions either by post or online, please ensure you have read and agree to our Terms & Conditions. If your entries do not comply with the terms, they will not be included in the draw.

Also…Please be sure to check your junk email folders as emails from us may go here including replies to our winners.

Please note: you must sign up for an account before making your entry! Entries without an account cannot be processed. You must add your billing address to your account for your entries to be processed.


Instant prizes and winners

Ticket Prize Winner
10⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽-
120⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽-
190⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽jl
280⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽vondeam
330⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽-
360⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽-
390⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽stuart.polman
410⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽-
450⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽-
500⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽-
555⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽stuart.polman
590⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽-
630⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽S Rich
670⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽-
700⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽stuart.polman
730⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽mikegriff35
760⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽vondeam
790⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽-
820⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽jl
850⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽S Rich
900⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽-
1000⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽-
1210⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽stuart.polman
1330⚽ £25 CASH + A EURO 24 TEAM ⚽mikegriff35

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